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Designing, Building & Maintaining
Outdoor Spaces since 2013

Ou Story

Our Story

The 'Mason's' part of the full logo


Mason’s Landscaping and Construction LLC was originally formed as Chal-Brit Landscaping consisting of two partners who started their business during high school in 2013. They offered a wide variety of services allowing their company to grow substantially within just a few years. Chal-Brit expanded until the two partners were able to branch off, specializing in their own areas of expertise.


Chris Mason Jr. took ownership of the company in 2015 while attending Pennsylvania College of Technology pursuing a degree in Residential Construction Management and Business Administration. He stems from a family with a green industry background and has always had passion for working outdoors ever since a young age.


Thanks to dedicated employees and Chris’ core values of quality, integrity, and communication; Mason’s Landscaping and Construction has evolved to a complete full service design-build and maintenance company.

Picture of the Mason's Landscaping and Construction team

Meet the Team

From vision to vibrant reality, we create and maintain stunning landscapes that elevate your property and enhance your enjoyment of the outdoors. We are dedicated to employee development, sustainable practices, and building relationships with our commercial and residential clients.

Picture of Chris Mason Jr. Owner and Operations Manager
Picture of Richard Hall, Maintenance Coordinator and Account Manager
Picture of Kevin Moss, Landscape Designer and Sales Associate

Chris Mason Jr.

Richard Hall

Kevin Moss


Operations Manager

Maintenance Coordinator

Account Manager

Landscape Designer

Sales Associate

Picture of Andrew Bergan, Fleet Manager
Picture of Karen Tucci, Office Manager

Andrew Bergan

Karen Tucci

Fleet Manager

Office Manager

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